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a bird visiting Sureau: photo by a human guest at Sureau: Chili Sung


Thanks for stopping by to visit us. This site was created in order to share our life and passions with our friends and friends-to-be. Nabí, and I, Heidi, are professional musicians who live in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The name of this site is Sureau, (Elderberry in French), which is the name of the hamlet our house belongs to for the past few centuries.

Our blog is a short meditation on anything, a stop frame of life that has accelerated by our modern world. A token of a celebrated moment.

Books we grow with are books we love which we currently read to our children, and want to share with you. We read to our children regularly in French, Catalan, English, Spanish, and sometimes even in Mandarin. There are so many beautifully illustrated books written for children in any given language, we only wish we could read to them in more languages. We hope you will like the recommendations we make. The books we recommend are usually chosen with the following criteria in mind: a lasting message, artful illustration, the universality of age. We like books that can be enjoyed by the whole family, for instance, a book that can be appreciated by readers both young and adults, as well as books that beg to be re-read.

Living portraits is one of my personal passions: taking portraits. If you are interested in having your portraits taken, please contact me privately here. You can also listen to our playing while browsing through this site by clicking on the word ‘listen’ by each of the artists.

We hope you enjoy your visit, feel free to look around and come back and visit us again soon. I plan to update this site once a week. Cheers!